Experiencing the Sunrise, the Sunset or Stargazing into a clear dark sky is food for the soul...



A  Jewel on the Lake, with the Lakehouse B&B the Lakehouse Cottage or The Lakehouse Cabins all offer you pristine waters, serenity, peace, beautiful sunsets and dark clear skies for unforgettable stargazing!

The morning birds chirping, splashes of fish jumping  take you on a peaceful journey that nurtures the soul. You forget the chaos of your life and experience inner peace.

Our inlet off Lake Huron is called Hay Bay.  It boasts quiet, warm waters. Morning and sunset swims have been a favourite in the past. Bring your water toys, rafts, paddleboards or kayaks. Rentals can  be arranged There is also fishing if you are so inclined. 

Stargazing is superb as there is little to no light pollution. Our shared bonfire-pit for roasting marshmellows has become very popular. Using the Jewel on the Lake as your home-base, you are minutes away from the Grotto, the cruises ships and  the quaint harbour-town with lovely unique speciality shops and friendly staff.