The August 5, 2017 the long weekend for Ontario,was a combination of sunshine, high temps, low temps and this amazing cloud formation and wind tunnel that blew in out of nowhere and crashed down with a fish rainstorm that distoyed the plants and hanging baskets, filled the canoe and paddle boat to the brim and again raised the water level! 

Wow it was amazing... In 15 min it was over!




This film is about two brothers who finally find each other in Newfoundland.

These young men were guests at the Lakehouse in Tobermory, Ontario. They loved the land and the rocky shores of the Bruce Peninsula so much they decided to continue their travels and hit the  east coast of Canada. Liam went out for a boat ride and was late returning. Nolan was quite worried about Liam as they were visitors in the area. He kept a close eye out for his brother.

 After being forced by the choppy water to come ashore before his target harbour, Liam found his way down the path, through and over the rocks, until finally, they found each other.  

It was tense for a time, but it was a happy ending! They said it was the rock climbing in Tobermory, and the hiking along Bruce trail that taught them survival tips.






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